Parser for Lipid Nomenclature (PaLiNom)

PaLiNom is a parser implementation for lipid species and subspecies names following the shorthand notation for lipids with some improvements concerning plasmanyls & plasmenyls to avoid ambiguities with fatty acid chain double bond counting and the LipidMaps Nomenclature.

We collaborate with the Lipidomics Standards Initiative concerning lipid nomenclature used for reporting of lipid species identifications.

The parser implementation returns a classification of the parsed lipid name including its perceived level (e.g. structural subspecie), including fatty acid and long chain base details, if they are deducable from the provided string. The hierarchy levels and the names are consistent with those used in the shorthand notation for lipids publication as well as in SwissLipids.

LIFS is a project funded by BMBF as part of the German network for bioinformatics infrastructure (de.NBI) to provide and support tools for lipid-related bioinformatics.

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