Reference validator for mzTab 2.0-M

mzTab 2.0 for metabolomics is a data exchange format for mass-spectrometry-based experimental data from the "omics" and neighboring sciences, focusing on small molecules like metabolites and lipids.

  • It is hierarchically organized, from metadata to summary information to ms features and evidence,
  • captures quantitative and qualitative information about reported molecules for individual ms runs and aggregated across study variables,
  • follows minimum recommended reporting guidelines for omics experiments, and
  • provides structural, logical and semantic (controlled vocabulary terms) validation.

This application provides a web-based validator for mzTab 2.0-M and the prior mzTab version 1.0 (mainly for proteomics) below, and a REST API for programmatic validation against mzTab 2.0-M.

mzTab-m 2.0 structure
File mzTab-M Version Focus Created by Remarks
MTBLS263.mztab 2.0 Metabolomics Progenesis QI LC-MS, positive mode
gcxgc-ms-example.mztab 2.0 Metabolomics Manual GCxGC-MS, positive mode
lipidomics-example.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics Manual LC-MS, positive mode
StandardMix_negative_exportPositionLevel.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics LDA2 LC-MS, negative mode, position level
StandardMix_positive_exportPositionLevel.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics LDA2 LC-MS, positive mode, position level
StandardMix_negative_exportSpeciesLevel.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics LDA2 LC-MS, negative mode, species level
StandardMix_positive_exportSpeciesLevel.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics LDA2 LC-MS, positive mode, species level
MouseLiver_negative.mzTab 2.0 Lipidomics LDA2 LC-MS, negative mode, position level
More files are available here.

Download one of the mapping files for semantic validation:


Upload your mzTab file for validation:

Select a local mzTab file to upload and validate. Size limit is 64MB.
The 'Info' level includes 'Warn' and 'Error' level messages, the 'Warn' level includes 'Error' level messages.
The maximum number of parsing and logical validation errors that should be reported, minimum of 1.
The mzTab specification version to use for validation. mzTab 1.0 files will not pass the 2.0 validation and vice-versa.
If checked, use the provided or default cvMapping file to validate cv terms in the mzTab file. This will only work for mzTab 2.0+ files.
Select a local cv mapping file to upload and use for validation. Size limit is 64MB.